7 Unspoken Rules of Dance Studio Etiquette

by | Jul 1, 2016

When you first enter the dance studio it is important to implement the following guidelines so that everyone knows you are serious about your commitment and truly want to learn. Plus you will look like a pro!


  1. Only water is allowed in the room; no food. This is to ensure that the room remains clean. Dancers use the floor for movement; therefore, it is imperative it remains a clean space.
  2. No outside footwear should be worn in the dance room. Following along with the previous bullet point.
  3. Once the class has started dancers should refrain from speaking with one another. Seems pretty straightforward; however, with the busy lives we lead it could mean that we are just a little chatty one day and want to let our friends in on all the happenings. Nevertheless, by reducing the amount of chatter the instructor will be able to impart more knowledge in the short amount of class time.
  4. Dance bags are to be placed to the side of the room. Dancers should be able to see their entire body in the mirror. If there are bags placed in front, most likely you along with everyone else will not be able to see their feet placement, which is essential in dance.
  5. Hanging onto the ballet barre is strictly prohibited. Doing so is dangerous. The barres may come unhinged or the you may fall from hanging from the barre and hurt yourself. While in the classroom the teacher is responsible for the well-being of the dancers. Making sure the dancers follow this rule is important.
  6. If you arrive late to class; you should wait until the exercise being preformed finishes before asking permission to join the class. Since late arrival is disruptive to the class, it is left to the discretion of the teacher to let you to join or ask that you sit and watch quietly. This rule will definitely encourage you to be on time next class.
  7. Clap when the class ends. To show your respect and appreciation for the time your instructor took to teach the class; it is customary to offer an applause followed by thanking the teacher personally.


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